Project 52×2#2014

The aim of this project is for me to publish 2 photos every week.

The rules:

  1. Shots must have been taken during the week
  2. There must be one B&W and one colour  shot
  3. The photos have to be published on Sunday at the end of every week
  4. All the photos must have a title and a brief one line description
  5. The photos are not restricted to any specific theme.

Let’s get down to business!


WK01_col – Hold me tight

This was shot in the botanical garden in Singapore. I like how the red flowers (?) are warmly surrounding the tree leaf.


WK01_bw – Please shoot!

The easy part of street photography, strangers asking you to take a photo of them! Shot somewhere in Singapore


WK02_col – Open happiness for everybody

This shot came to me as a great surprise. It is quite a big crop as the main person I was shooting was on the right side of this lady. picture taken in front of the Amber Temple in Jaipur, India.


WK02_bw – Befriending a tree

No animals were harmed during this shooting! Picture taken at the Bharatpur Bird secondary in Rajastan, India.


WK03_col – Namasté

This couple is in their eighties. They live at the entry of Pushkar in a wooden “Cabanon”, theres no electricity water or gas of course. They have no kids, which means in India that no help at all.
The women has to bring water from the well. Her husband pushes a rickshaw in the market when he can to pay the 300 rupees monthly rent (5$).
Carlos, Susi, Niru, and I went to help.
I find this is as one of the strongest and deepest emotional shot I’ve ever made.


WK03_bw – Loyal Enfield!

This is my Royal Enfield Bullet 350, the motorbike that found me few days after I landed in India… Once we got to know each other, it’s been my loyal “companion of fortune” in this trip.


WK04_col – “Will you wear my ring so all the world knows yer mine?”

Making a ring is a work of a chemist an artiste and a lover…


WK04_bw – “Human nature is like water. It takes the shape of its container.” WS

This little boy was playing with the water, he seemed to be in his own little world, not worrying about what’s happening around.


WK05_col – The smiling little monkey

A connection that I had somehow with this tiny earthling… His smile looks almost human!


WK05_bw – Control tower, do you read?

Shot in Udaipur by the Ghat.. Birds tend to do this a lot in India, Just roam around a building they pick.


WK06_col – Discovering the world with new eyes..

The little girl was having a new perception on her surrounding, disconnected from all the activity around her.
Shot in the Pavagadh temple


WK06_bw – Sparkling Mumbaikar!

Mumbai, the city that never rests, has so much to offer.. Just make sure that once you get to a junction, to take the path that has less footsteps on it.
Shot somewhere in Mumbai, through an old Premier Padmini Taxi window


WK07_col – Indian street art

Nothing to say really, I loved this tag.
I shot this in Mumbai while wandering around Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world.
Even in the most deprived places, people will have the courage to be creative.


WK07_bw – Strange creature on the beach..

The cow was staring at the woman sun bathing for a while. I wonder what she was thinking.
Shot in Om beach, Karnataka.


WK08_col – Perfect refreshment

When riding under the sun on fine day, you are thankful of very simple things such a shade under a tree…
This was shot somewhere in Tamil Nadu..


WK08_bw – Full power fishermen

Posing fishermen happy with their catch of the day.
Shot on the way to Rameshwaram, along the ECR road.


WK09_col – Salute to the sun.

5.30am, a couple of people sitting in front of the sea, waiting for the sun to appear.
Shot in Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu), the most southern tip of India where sunrise and sunset are both behind the sea.


WK09_bw – We did not all come over on the same ship, but we are all in the same boat. (BB)

Shot from a bridge somewhere around Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu.


WK10_col – Seeking spiritual ecstasy…

An Indian preparing a Bhang Lassi. A beverage based on leaves and flowers of the female cannabis plant. Also known as special lassi.
Shot in Pushkar, Rajasthan.


WK10_bw – Chutney with your samosas?

This kiddo pull out his most charming smile, there was no way getting away from his Samosas!
Shot in Kota, Rajasthan


WK11_col –The swans silent twilight prayer

Swans witnessing daylight turning into dusk as the light fades away and the night begins.

Shot in Hyde park, London

NIKON CORPORATION - NIKON D300S - 2014-03-09 15-52-42 copy-2-Edit-Edit copy-2

WK11_bw – You are not alone

We all take our shadows with us, but rarely take notice of their presence. Victor Hugo said: “To contemplate is to look at shadows.” – I think he would have made a great B&W photograph..

Captured in Hyde park, London at 15.52 GMT

NIKON CORPORATION - NIKON D300S - 2014-03-12 10-44-19

WK12_col – What is property?

In 1840, Proudhon wrote: Property is robbery! I wonder which side he would have taken in this situation.. In this shot, squatters are being moved from their settlements and their “illegal” shops destroyed.. These people have been living there for years, but in the same time other people bought pieces of land (again more than 30 years ago) without being able to make use of it.

No one was physically harmed during the operation.

Captured in Hay Riad, Rabat, Morocco


WK12_bw – Moroccan street art

This beautiful mural painting reminded me of a campaign against racism going on at the moment. Then it made me think of this verse: “O people! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. The noblest among you in God’s sight is the most mindful of God.” 49:13

Shot in les Oudayas, Rabat, Morocco


WK14_col – Hold my hand.

I while ago, I came up to the conclusion that having kids was one of the most selfish acts out there.. And yet, most of you (and maybe me someday?) have done it. Make up for that selfish act, provide unconditional love, don’t set any expectations or burden on those little ones…Let them be!

Shot somewhere in Rabat


WK14_bw – Meet my diary.

This moment when when you rediscover yourself through the pages of your diary..

Shot in Hay Riad, Rabat.


WK15_col – Entre deux Fantasias.

A horse that had its mane and tail brushed, getting ready for the next “Gunpowder play”

Shot in the provence of “Sidi Hajjaj” in Morocco


WK15_bw – Flying Peacock..

Lucky Aya chasing a peacock in the countryside while, not very far, kids of her age are playing with iPads and iPhones which she never heard of..

Captured in the countryside near Settat, Morocco


WK16_col – F*ck all of it!

This greengrocer definitely didn’t realize what was written on his shirt, but I’m sure he would have completely agreed with the message if he did understand it.

Shot in the weekly market of Rass El-Ain, Morocco.


WK16_bw – Laundry time

This family was washing one of those thick blankets, indispensable to go through the cold winter in this region.

A task like this would probably have been an un-compelling fatigue duty for a kid in the city, when it’s a fun, entertaining and joyful moment for these kids.

Captured near a source of water in the countryside of Ouled Mrah, Morocco.


WK17_col – Inside Paradise

This place is called Paradise Valley where you can witness some of the journey of the water from the Atlas mountains, to the Atlantic sea.

Shot in Paradise Valley, South of Morocco


WK17_bw – When darkness leads to paradise.

The area of Agadir is known for it’s beaches, but if you dig a bit deeper you can find some really nice surprises. The entrance to Paradise Valley lies inside that dark cave.

Shot 20km inland from Aourir, Morocco


WK18_col – Lalla Fatma

Hidden underneath rocky cliffs, an orange sandy beach where few brave the currents and make the most of the waves.

Shot in Lalla Fatma Beach, 16km north of Safi, Morocco


WK18_bw – Just bait and take the bet..

A crew of 8 gathered around one goal: Bring food on the table. Teamwork, Tea, some joints and a lot of positive vibrations!

Shot on a small boat on the shore of El Jadida, Morocco.


WK19_col – Shedding some light at the end of the world

A hawker selling lanterns in the famous Jamaa El fnaa place.

Shot in in Marrakech, Morocco


WK19_bw – “Pudique”

Wandering inland in remote places, people can have a deep sense of  decorum. I’m still looking for a convincing english translation of the french word “pudique”.

Shot on the road between Safi and Marrakech, Morocco


WK20_col – Voldemort

There are some animals you don’t want to play dead with… like vultures for example.

Shot on the way to the Kalaa village next to Chaouen, Morocco


WK20_bw – Wacky Backy..

“A Joint will get u through times of no money far better than money will help you throughout times of no joint.”

Shot in the Kalaa village, Morocco


WK21_col – Assia befriending clouds

Small villages spread in the mountains, no cars, no public transport, no escalators, just your feet, and a mule if you’re lucky.

Shot in the surroundings of Chaouen, Morocco


WK21_bw – Just follow the path… What path?!

It’s easy to get lost while trekking in the area of Chaouen, and when it happens, you just have to keep walking until someone pops out form nowhere.. So you ask him for the way and he points at a pile of rocks saying: “There, it’s in front of you!”

Shot somewhere in the mountains not far from Bab Taza, Morocco


WK22_col – Dar dbagh, dar dhab

One of Fez old tanneries where goat, sheep, and cow hides are turned into slippers, saddles, bags, sacks, ottomans, and more…

Shot in the old medina, Fez, Morocco


WK22_bw – Duck tales..

Deep in the old medina of Fez, toilets with a fresh water basin in the middle and a gigantic man that throws buckets of water on the every time someone is done.. and ducks all over the place.

Shot in the old medina, Fez, Morocco.


WK23_col – See the Sea..

They say: “the cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

Shot at Oued Charrat, Morocco


WK23_bw – Surf’s up

A very good swell hitting the atlantic coast.

Shot at “la crique”, Bouznika, Morocco



WK24_col – Have fun and ride the waves!

MariYa befriending the waves.

Shot at Oued Charrat, Morocco


WK24_bw – Just cruising..

A piece of wood, trucks, bearings and wheels… There are places where skateboarding is not just for fun but also a conveyance mean.

Shot at Hay riad, Rabat


WK25_col – Balls

A macro capture of a funky lamp..

Shot in the living room, home.


WK25_bw – Botanical close up

A macro shot of a female conifer cone. These cones contains ovules which, when fertilized by pollen, become seeds.

Shot in the Hilton forest, Agdal, Rabat


WK26_col – A saddening scene..

“The nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.” Franklin R.
It’s appalling to see how stupid human “nature” can be.

Shot in Oued Charrat, Morocco


WK26_bw – Sunset fishing session

Fishermen trying their luck with the Atlantic ocean.

Shot in El kasba, Ain Atiq, Morocco


WK27_col – Broken foot
One quarter of the bones in the human body are in your feet. 26 bones that is.

Shot in the living room, home.


WK27_bw – “Tôt ou tard, tombe le motard…”

Translate, “Sooner or later, falls the motor bike rider…”

Shot in the terrace, home.


WK28_col – Spring breeze in July

A self-willed flower in the heart of summer.

Shot somewhere in Hay Riad, Rabat, Morocco


WK28_bw – Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. [Anon.]

A Harley Davidson V-rod inspired by a craftsman from Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Shot on a table somewhere in Hay Riad, Rabat, Morocco

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