Week number 49 – PROJECT 52×2#2014

WK49_col - Comics Fest

WK49_col – Comics Fest

A girl selling comic books in a Mall in Dubai.

Shot in Al Wafi centre, Dubai

WK49_bw - The ephemeral print

WK49_bw – The ephemeral print

Leaving a trail while dune Bashing in the desert.

Shot in Dubai

Week number 48 – PROJECT 52×2#2014

WK48_col - Aggression

WK48_col – Aggression

Little soldiers in formation ready to attack their victim disposition in order to make her succumb and consume… Luckily, the little girl just loves being barefoot and is holding on!

Shot in MOE, Dubai

WK48_bw - Motion

WK48_bw – Frozen motion

A car whizzing through the skyscrapers in one of the bridges in Dubai Marina.

Shot in Dubai