Week number 37 – PROJECT 52×2#2014


WK37_col – Crockery in Impasse Tazi

Elders used to serve their food in fancy and colourful handmade traditional dishes levelling up to the quality of Moroccan cuisine… Unfortunately, nowadays these kitchenware are only used for decoration by the later generations.

Shot in rue des consuls, Rabat, Morocco


WK37_bw – Urb’art 1

– Corto to himself: Wouldn’t just be great to live a fairy tale..
– Bouche dorée to Corto: Oh yes… But you’re constantly living a fairy tale and you don’t realise it anymore. When an adult enters the world of tales, he cannot get out of it anymore. Did you know that?

  • Corto Maltese en Sibérie, Hugo Pratt, éd. Casterman, 2001, partie Les Lanternes rouges, p. 29

Shot near the fish market in Skhirate, Morocco.


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