Get busy…!

Things I would like to do…

– A video montage
I need to think about an interesting scenario, there’s a couple that pops up in my mind.
Filmin MariYa while she’s doing Yoga
A presentation of Annarose
The promotion of that business card app Old vs New
Surf movie?
Bike movie?
Music movie?

– Learn how to play a music instrument, mainly the guitar
Easy, tutorials are all over the place.. practice everyday for an hour?

– Brush up on my blog
That’s what I’m doing right now :)

– Photography
I need to come up with a new concept, carry on the project 52×2#2014
Learn new techniques

– Transmit knowledge
Share your knowledge, there’s so many ways to do that. It would be interesting to start up a community to ease the flow of information
Website creation

– Reorganisation, process improvement
Finding the way to improve the way things are done in a more effective way

– Networking
Link up with different people, from different backgrounds, with different skills

Gather all these ideas like the pigeons flying around, try to sync the whole picture…


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