Enfield on the Field

Bon, Ben, ça c’est fait…

  • Clef /Check
  • Moto /Check
  • Papiers / Check
  • Casque /Check
  • Boite a outils /Check
  • Pieces de rechange /Check


Maintenant, après beaucoup de réflexion, recherches et préparation mentale. Je me suis fait une petite compilation des commandements auxquels il faut que je me tienne pendant ce trip…

The Rules:

– Stop every 1h30min and/or every 100km

– Plan your trip in advance, know the cities you will be passing by

– Try to leave early before traffic, 7am is the latest

– Do not, DO NOT, go beyond 60km/h

– Don’t eat a big meal for lunch, it will make you sleepy, have snacks instead

– Before starting the engine, check that: you’re well suited, bike is on tank not reserve, you have peed and that you have your sunglasses on!

– Always have the photocopies of: Passport, driving license, bike paper on you.

– Check the oil every 400 km (Bike need to be hot when you check, otherwise the oil will be too thick)

– If you need to add oil use 20w40 (check the oil box) and add little by little checking that you do not go over the level

– Ride on higher gears with minimum RPM

– There’s only one petrol brand in India so you can’t go wrong.. PETROL, not diesel.

– The bike consumption is 1 litter per 35 km. Do the maths!

– Note down time and km every time before riding

– Flat tyre is 30 INR per hole

– Only use Enfield mechanics, you’ll recognise them easily, they’ll have loads of Enfields parked in front of their shop

– Your battery is fairly new, it will last 1 year and a half


Now for the spare kit needed:

  • Spare tube
  • Spare plug
  • Plug key
  • Screw driver
  • Cable clutch
  • Cable gear
  • 1 Bulb
  • Spare fuse

I might be updating this post if I come across anything else..



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