Sitting by the holy lake at Pushkar.

You would love this city…

I’ve been having courses of Nagara drums for two days, you were right, I love the drums :) I’m thinking of getting one set made by my teacher Narsi. Nasri is the son of Nathulal a figure here of Nagara drums.

I’m thinking of buying a Bullet too. The Royal Enfield one.

I hope that you are well and getting along with … with life!

Seems like Kirtan is following me everywhere! Hare Krishna, Hare Rama… While I’m waiting for my (veggie) food.

I’m thinking about starting a project, I will call it ” 52×2 dash 2014 “. It will consist of publishing two photos a week during a year. Hopefully it will help me focus more on photography and I’ll be able to see my progress.

I miss you.

Hope your heart is physically and emotionally feeling good.

Take care,




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