A journey through the Amazon (4)

Iquitos (Peru) is the biggest city in the world that is landlocked; this means that it only can be reached by plane or boat through the Amazon..

These are few notes from my diary that I wrote on the way from Pucallpa to Iquitos. I was on Baylon II a 3 floor cargo ship.

16/05/11 – Day 4

[6.50am] God I hate these sirens…

I’ve just seen a special passenger. It’s the last chicken on the ship. I don’t think he’s gonna make it to Iquitos.

We’re towards the end of the trip. I’m on my nerves and easily irritated: kids crying, loud “peliculas” (movies)… I’m gonna be glad when I touch ground.

“Rio” (River) Ucayali is the biggest waste dump I’ve seen in my live. Everything goes there: a Plastic bag, bottles, cans, cigarettes, paper, food and the list is not exhaustive… no one seems to care. We’ve improvised a “basura” (trash bin) next to hamaca spot and we’re trying to educate the people.

I’m however amazed how clean people are. Everybody smells good, people even wash their clothes and dry them on the ship. The floor is also cleaned everyday by the passengers.

We came across “l’epave” (the wreck) of the Antonio, another lancha that didn’t make it. I’m told it sank 6 months ago. I can’t imagine how were the people on it when it happened… no one knew what were the casualties.

[6.00pm] We’re almost there! “falta mas o menos dos horas” (more or less 2h left) I decide to take one last shower for old times’ sake.

[9.30pm] We touched land in Iquitos. All good except for the chicken that didn’t make it.



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