A journey through the Amazon (3)

Iquitos (Peru) is the biggest city in the world that is landlocked; this means that it only can be reached by plane or boat through the Amazon..

These are few notes from my diary that I wrote on the way from Pucallpa to Iquitos. I was on Baylon II a 3 floor cargo ship.

15/05/11 – Day 3

[4.39am] I’ve been woken up by the boat sirens. We have stopped somewhere and more than half of the floor is empty! Of course, a horde of women selling all sort of food are attacking the lancha. I have trouble remembering the name of all the stuff they sell. I never had a clue what I buy, but it was always tasty.

Tienes ambre?

Edgar told me it was the first time he speaks English with someone! He self taught himself by watching movies and reading books… an impressive character.

Breakfast in 2h, I need to get some sleep.

[Lunch break] It’s a bit sad; a lot of our friends have left now.

All the kitchen staff (3 ppl) is gay, so we agreed with my “compañera del viaje” (travel partner) that it will be me who collects the food.

Gay Cocinero?

[3.00pm] I’ve met Samuel; he’s 21 and works in the jungle. With his team they put marker in specific coordinates using a GPS device. They are looking for one person to complete their team. Shame I neither have time (1 month and a half in the jungle) nor my CV on me.

God this trip is long… I’ve already finished my first book (500 pages) and started reading the second, watched around 10 movies (all action, horror and war movies) and slept a lot. Even though the lancha is full with kids, they haven’t played a single cartoon, comedy or adventure movie…

Kids on the boat

[7.00pm] The two Germans lads are doing a good job in getting rid of all the beer on the boat. They’re even starting to get worried the stock in the bar is not gonna be enough! Maybe if they finish all the beer, the lancha will be faster? Current speed 17 km/h.

Often, the lancha’s engine stops. This means that two guys from the crew are on the small boat ahead checking the water level with… a stick!


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