A journey through the Amazon (2)

Iquitos (Peru) is the biggest city in the world that is landlocked; this means that it only can be reached by plane or boat through the Amazon..

These are few notes from my diary that I wrote on the way from Pucallpa to Iquitos. I was on Baylon II a 3 floor cargo ship.

14/05/11 – Day2

I hardly woke up for breakfast this morning but I need to keep some sort of routine going. It’s not hot chocolate today… (No clue what it is!)

Edgar is a strong bloke. He works in Lima for RTM (i.e. the French version of KTM). They receive everyday containers of pieces from China and his job is to organize them and assemble the motorbikes. He works 6 days a week, 12 hours a day (except Saturday ½ a day). That’s probably where he gets all his muscles from. He’s taking his mom to live with his sister. He will see them again next year.

[Lunch break] Rice, potato and a tiny piece of chicken on the menu.

Damaris told me that she lives in Pucallpa. She’s taking Mya to visit her dad. He works in Oyala. He’s with another woman.

We made loads of stops in remote villages, and every time it’s the big day for them! they all get together in front of the ship and try to load it with everything they can (bananas, fish, coconuts…etc) I think this is the only way for them to make money.

Stop a t village

We’re 4 “gringos” (foreigners) on the lancha out of probably 400. 1% not a bad number! All the gringos are from Alemania (Germany).

[Dinner] Soup tonight. I’m not very happy.


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